The Curiosity Compilation

Sorry about the delay, y’all. We’ll be back on schedule next week! It’s been crazy coming out of Spring Break straight into the time change and my life exploded ever so slightly!

Here’s this week’s complation. Got some great stuff here!



Trump’s travel ban has created tons of questions and controversy. Here’s a key element of the ban: The H-1B Visa Issue, Explained. It’s a long article, but a very informative read.

Carol Tice collected a great list of books for freelancers looking to improve their business! You can find it right here: 10 Life-Changing Books for Writers!

Three Stages of Client Relationship and How They Impact Your Profits – This was an excellent read, and insights I desperately needed as I advance my freelancing career.
“We’re freelancers because we want to be, not because we’re not able to figure out a different business model. So let’s be the best freelancers that we can be.”

Did you even know that writing residencies exist? They seem to me like something out of an old novel, but the concept is still alive and well! The Write Life published an article detailing one author’s experience at the Rivendell Writer’s Colony in Tennessee, and how it changed her life and energized her craft!

Archaeologists discovered a statue buried in a Cairo slum that they believe to depict Ramses II.

Investopedia published a great article on the difference between finance and economics!




Gimme Some Oven is one of my favorite food blogs! I first found it when looking for an easy jambalaya recipe, and this egg drop soup recipe is awesome too!

This Prime Rib with Herb Butter looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it!



I don’t know what it is about waterworks but I love dams! This awesome video from National Geographic shows a spillway built into a lake that works much like a drain in a bathtub and creates an eerie whirpool!



Modern marketing is all about creating authentic content to connect with an increasingly disillusioned audience. They don’t want to be bullshitted. We live in a digital age and folks are constantly getting bombarded with information! They want to know if what you’re peddling is worth their valuable time. Skout created this list of 50 Natural Story Sources to help you create genuine content for real people!

If you’ve found something awesome that you’d like me to include, let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Stay curious, y’all.



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